FOC issues Joint Statement on Human Rights Impact of Cybersecurity Laws, Practices and Policies

The Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) has issued a new joint statement on the human rights impact of cybersecurity laws, policies and practices.

The statement reaffirms and builds on commitments the FOC made in 2016, while elaborating further on the human rights based approach to cybersecurity as a basis for strengthening cybersecurity, promoting stability in cyberspace, and promoting emerging technologies that are trust-worthy whilst ensuring the protection of all online users. It contains recommendations for national cybersecurity practices and international cybersecurity processes and is based on recommendations developed by the multistakeholder FOC working group.

The statement was developed by a multistakeholder task force of governments, civil society and private sector representatives, led by the governments of Estonia and the Netherlands. It was launched at the 2020 Freedom Online Conference in Accra, on Friday 7 February 2020. Read it here.