Denmark becomes the 32nd Member of the Freedom Online Coalition

The Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) is pleased to announce Denmark as its 32nd Member. 

Over the years, Denmark has been an active participant in Internet-related discussions and debates, and a fervent advocate for multistakeholder Internet governance, human rights, and press freedom. Denmark is a signatory of several international treaties and a co-sponsor of several international resolutions, which relate to the FOC’s mission. Recently, Denmark has launched an initiative to protect civic space and support human rights defenders, including strengthening the country’s digital resilience. 

In 2017, Denmark became the first country in the world to appoint a tech ambassador, with a global mandate that includes the protection and promotion of human rights online. Through this ‘TechPlomacy’ initiative, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark works closely with partners both abroad and in Denmark to promote a responsible, balanced and human-centered approach to technology.

By joining the Coalition, Denmark endorses the FOC’s founding declaration and the commitments contained in it. 

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod, stated: 

We have an obligation to ensure that the ideals of the early days of the Internet remain our guiding principles going forward. The Internet must remain our common forum for sharing ideas and knowledge. A vibrant, safe and inclusive global platform. That is our shared vision. However, for too many, that vision is far removed from reality when Internet access and services are used as tools of censorship, persecution and oppression.

With the FOC, I look forward to continuing our common fight for a free Internet based on core principles of universal human rights, freedom of expression, association and assembly as well as the right to privacy and freedom from oppression and discrimination. I am therefore pleased that Denmark has now joined the FOC and we look forward to working together in this ambitious coalition to promote human rights online.”

The FOC is delighted to welcome Denmark to the Coalition and looks forward to working together to support Internet freedom worldwide.