Government Members


The Coalition is constantly expanding and open to additional countries who have demonstrated a strong commitment to human rights and Internet freedom around the globe.

Countries who wish to join the Coalition should apply to the Chair country and the founder. Full details of the application process can be found in section III.a. of the Stockholm Terms of Reference.

Expressions of interest and formal applications can also be sent to the Support Unit who will then forward it on to the current Chair. To contact the support Unit, please use the contact form or send an email to info (at)

Aspiring members’ applications are assessed based on their domestic record when it comes to respecting human rights online, the countries voting record in international fora on Internet freedom issues, and the degree to which the country takes a proactive role on furthering Internet freedom in its foreign policy. The Coalition further looks to ensure wide geographical representation.


You can also get in touch with us with any questions you may have of the Coalition’s main activities. FOC member states work together to advance Internet freedom by coordinating their diplomatic efforts, sharing information about current developments, and voicing concerns over measures that curtail human rights online. In addition, the Coalition provides a platform for multistakeholder engagement through its Advisory Network, ad hoc Working Groups and makes continuous efforts to engage civil society and the private sector in a constructive dialogue on pressing issues related to Internet freedom and digital rights.

Once a year, the FOC organizes a multistakeholder conference that aims to deepen the discussion on how online freedoms are helping to promote social, cultural and economic development. The FO Conference attracts delegates from government, civil society, the private sector, and others stakeholder groups, and offers an open platform for discussion, information sharing, developing joint strategies and combining efforts towards their mutual goal of a human rights-based Internet.

You can find out more about FOC activities here.