Freedom Online Conference to be held in Ulaanbaatar on 4-5 May, 2015

The fifth annual Freedom Online Conference, hosted by the current FOC Chair – Mongolia – is scheduled to take place in Ulaanbaatar on the 4th and 5th of May next year.

By bringing together a diverse group of relevant stakeholders, Freedom Online Conferences offer a unique opportunity to advance discussions on rights and freedoms online in a multistakeholder fashion. Under the Chairmanship of Mongolia, the Conference will explore topics under the umbrella theme: Internet Policy Making – Best Practices for Promoting Online Freedom. 

Concept: Governments affect the availability, use, and utility of the Internet in many ways – whether through action or inaction.  Many developing countries are in the process of working through how to approach various aspects of Internet policy-making, and many middle-income and developed countries are constantly revising and reformulating their policies in response to technological and other developments.  The 2015 Freedom Online Conference, hosted by the Government of Mongolia, will focus on discussing ways in which governments around the world, including young democracies and countries in the developing world, can structure their policy making processes and approaches in order to maximize the realization of human rights online within their jurisdiction.  Panels and discussions will focus on issues such as rule-of-law, transparency, the Tallinn Agenda (for Freedom Online) implementation, and how to maximize non-governmental stakeholder input and participation in government policy making.

For more information about the Conference program, visit the Conference website: